Guy Adini

My code snippets - ongoing brain dump.

Text upload - if I offered to parse a text file for you, this is where it happens.

MP3Crunch - Recursively sets tags on mp3 files, according to directory structure (for music by artist/album on the iPhone). Installer: MP3Crunch_0.3_win32.exe

Subtitles Synchronizer - A python command line tool for synching srt files with movie times. It helps find an affine transformation which maps the times in an existing .srt file to those of a movie files, and then applies that transformation to multiple files (i.e. in order to sync all the subtitles in a directory).

Online Algorithms

I am currently working with Yuval Rabani on improved algorithms for online problems (see, for example, an overview of the matroid secretary problem).

Random Walks and Clustering

Ongoing, in collaboration with Boaz Nadler and Meirav Galun . We propose a new method for parameter free unsupervised clustering, where the quality of the resulting clusters is based on the characteristic exit and relaxation of random walks over the data. The datasets (to be available online soon) include geometric data, handwritten digits, and links between Wikipedia pages.

Guy Adini

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